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About us

HIRANAGA COFFEE is a brand created by Hirano ("HIRA"), co-owners and barista, and Nagai ("NAGA"), another co-owners and chef, operating three cafes, each with different styles, in a historic hot spring resort in the northern region of Fukushima Prefecture.
"Cafe HIRANAGA" offers great coffee, delicious pancakes and original cakes in an at-home atmosphere.
"Naga Cafe" opens only on certain days of the week exclusively for women.
"one day" is our roastery where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.
All coffee drinks use home-roasted beans. Food and sweets are made from our original recipes. Besides our hand-drip coffee, you can also enjoy a variety of espresso menus we created.
In addition to running these cafes, we are also engaged in SDGs activities, such as making fertilizer from coffee grounds, in hopes to make a better future.

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    Enjoy our delicious food and sweets made from fresh, locally grown produce, hand-drip coffee brewed from carefully-selected, home-roasted beans, and the cozy, relaxing atmosphere of our cafe.

  • Naga cafe

    Every Wednesday, "cafe HIRANAGA" becomes a women-only place known as "Naga Cafe". Popular menus include special one-plate lunch and our cafe's original cake. Please spend your time at your leisure to your heart's content.

  • one day
    Coffee roasting work & cafe

    "one day" is our coffee roastery nestled in a 70+ year-old house located in a back alley of Iizaka. Transformed with an industrial-chic style, our roastery offers specialty coffees and a hideaway-like atmosphere, complete with nostalgic tunes of vinyl records.